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The unique E. M.S. software of Q Systems runs on a Windows Operating System with SQL Database. Our E.M.S. can be installed on Client/Server or on the cloud for private or public hosting sites. An essential tool for implementing a Management Information System - we use a data browser that provides users with great productivity and flexibility in generating their own reports.

Conversion Plan

Conversion Plan


Q Systems will convert existing data files. If data is unavailable or is not compatible, a manual conversion will be applied and Q Systems will supervise the data conversion. Control files will be input by Q Systems using Account Data Forms prepared by users. If adequate information can be gathered from user’s current data processing system, the preparation of the Account Data Forms are eliminated.

Q Systems will assist you with the conversion of all possible data files in order to prevent manual reentry of data. User agrees to provide information in a reasonable file format with file layout information.

Account Receivable

Implementation Plan


Q Systems will conduct the Need Analysis of user’s operations by interviewing your staff and executives, reviewing your procedures. Need Analysis is the most important part of the project - therefore the most qualified professionals in Q Systems will be assigned.

System Implementation is another essential step. Q Systems will fully assist users with implementing the system. We will install, generate, and test all proposed application programs after thoroughly being tested in our offices. We will also handle the fine-tuning your system environment, if necessary, which is required prior to the application software installation.

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